A young and passionate web developer based in Indonesia

Yash Gulati

01. About Me

A young, passionate developer, looking to spread his influence.

Hello! I'm Yash and I'm a passionate web developer with more than 5 years of experience under my belt. My love for creating and developing has been with me throughout my life, even before I ever learned to code. Fast forward to today, I relish helping people achieve their goals and dreams!

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02. My featured creations

Featured Project

Tiger Princess NFT

Tiger Princess Club are a new NFT club. Their aim is to provide amazing party benefits for holders of the new NFT.

Featured Project

Terminal Charging

Terminal Charging is a startup looking to simplify electric vehicle charging. Their aim is to make it more accessible and cheaper for the average consumer.

Featured Project

Taeger Art

Taeger.art is a new portfolio for a passionate abstract artist based in Florida. He works on comissioned projects for offices and homes around the city.

03. A few words from my clients.

Yash is very responsive, very proffesional and was able to deliver an amazing product in a very short time. He is patient and thinks through his products.

- Yaron Vilosny, Co-Founder of Terminal Charging

Yash knows a lot about the design and layout of websites. He was able to put together a website which looked fabulous!

- Chris Sheehan, Co-Founder of Tiger Princess Club